Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just Wondering.....

Why would something that’s supposed to heal, kill
Why would a concept that’s supposed to add to your life, from you, steal
Why would you deliberately harm your fellow man
When you know that what goes around comes around, especially for rounds that you plan

If you were in a position to save
If instead you decided that a man’s home should be his grave
If the world gathered helplessly by your side
Would you then by the lord’s laws abide

When will we realize that by destroying others, we close all doorways
When will we see that hating one another is what leads us astray
When will we put monetary gain aside and wish our brothers well
If we know these things kill why do we still produce and sell

Making money these days is a top priority
This in turn makes sure that every other major topic moves to minority
There’s a certain way people make sure they make money at all costs now
Without caring about who they hurt and how

If man was God, there’s no telling what he’ll do
If he had the ultimate power, would there be space left in the world for me and you
Everyday I thank God for being God
No matter what man does, the world will always revolve around God’s word

The law of sowing and reaping is as easy as it gets
Still we sow and expect not to reap or should I say…Harvest…hmmm!!!!!!!!



Captivity is not just a state of being bound by chains or being imprisoned
For most of us, it is a state in which our minds cannot envisage and cannot reason
Most times we are not bound by big men with mighty guns
But we are held captive by our refusal to see what is so obvious under the sun
We look around for solutions that are within us
We close our minds and imagine we are under a curse
Because we lack knowledge, we perish
We are unable to seclude ourselves from pain and anguish
As a man thinks in his heart so shall it be
Good thoughts lead to brave actions that will set him free
God created us and gave us tools
He prepared us and gave us rules
God will not do for us what we can do for ourselves
So we must stand up and claim our freedom
Because in each of us lies a great and powerful storm



Integrity and honesty go hand in hand
Integrity can create a forest from dry land
A man with integrity has more than he knows
Because money cannot go as far as integrity goes
Integrity can open doors that corruption has closed
However integrity's fruits are not reaped immediately one sows
These days few know it's worth
So most throw it away like useless cloth
A day will come in our generation when integrity will be our currency
Then the unjust will pay for giving corruption their loyalty
Like Martin luther, Jennifer osuide has many dreams untold
But unlike him i hope to see my dreams unfold
Let integrity be our watch word
Let it be our spear, knife and sword............

copyright(c) 2009.Intellectual property of Jennifer Osuide

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A World In Need

Love they say is a feeling
But i believe its a state of being
A place where what needs to be said is said
Where all our tears and fears are shed
Who in this world can understand love
I guess no one can, because its a concept from above
Teachers, philosophers, Scholars, all have tried to explain
Their words managed only, to give a glimpse of what love entails
Love sees beyond background, color, and creed
It is a beautiful flower that grows from a tiny sown seed
Love calms the storms of life
It is to our souls what a good husband is to his wife
Love i believe is the solution to all the world's ills
It is a miraculous cure that does not come in pills
It is unfortunate.....our world bleeds
Love!!!!! is all our world needs


The Beginning Of Change

Basically everything starts from a point which we all like to call the beginning
The beginning sometimes comically starts at the end
But whether we start at the beginning or end, reality is a fact that no one can bend

The truths about life are gleaming, but cannot be seen with idle eyes
Many ask how our nation can be rescued
But no one bothers about simple things like, making sure that their every word is true

Nigeria is blessed by God no doubt, human and natural resources abound
If only we could see how blessed we are and take charge, be in control
Then we would speak less and do more, to ensure that our dreams unfold

The greatest men in the world did not have super powers or use magic
Some of them were actually very far from being perfect
But they followed the simple rules, knowledge, understanding, love and respect.

We cannot know, understand, love and respect our countrymen if we don’t know, understand, love and respect who we are.
Without following these basic guidelines, our sense of direction will be charred

Without a sense of direction, how do we know where we are going as a nation?
Are we moving backward or forward, or are we just stagnant
Is the giant of Africa becoming a very microscopic plant?

Every one wants to head, but no one wants to be a leader
A head gets to do what’s best for him, but a leader has to do what’s best for everyone
A head rewards himself, but a leader is awarded even when he’s dead and gone

Nigeria has more heads than leaders, she needs leaders
People who will stick out their necks so she can develope
People who will show the world that she is not moving on a downward slope

What do we achieve as a country by being fraudulent and evasive?
Nothing positive, our country just keeps going down the drain
Nigeria was once strong, but it slowly is becoming frail.

Imagine if the hearts of our countrymen were genuine and true
Constantly working for the good of the entire nation
Then we could be rest assured that the world will converge at our station.


Life's Tales

somethings are too hard to bear,
sometimes we wrestle with nothing but fear,
but even when the strong wind comes our way,
eventually night must tuurn to day.

somedays life is tough,
somedays it is a lovely ride on a road that is rough,
but life will always be a journey,
from the old to the young, a story.

some truths are left untold,
some of them eventually unfold,
but even when words spoken are true,
there is still a lot of mystery in store for you.



As a little girl I loved the smell of the earth, wet, dry, however it came. Somehow it reminded me that I was home, on my land, a place that I’ve always loved. I’m all grown up now and the love I have for my land has grown with me. I do not see land as just sand, stones, grass and trees, when I’m done telling this story you’ll understand why.
My country Nigeria is one of the most misunderstood countries in the world, my people however are rated one of the happiest groups of people on earth, but no one has heard our story, no one knows our trials, struggles and problems as a people.
As Nigerians, joy is our watch word, we believe being sad cannot change your situation, on the other hand our motto is “Hard work brings liberation”. Undoubtedly, bad eggs live among us, they desperately want to get rich quick and will use any means to make sure they do. Their constant appearance on world news headlines has turned the face of the world from us. Now we have to prove our worth before we are reckoned with. “Has it weighed us down” you might ask, the answer is No! It has made us stronger. Nigeria is home to over 150million people, hardworking, loving and joyful people, normal people who feel the pressures of life but do not break under it, people who want to prove that they are better than the world says they are, people who work to make sure that their children live good lives, free of all the external judgments and untrue conclusions.
I have great admiration for my people because they always seem to rise against adversities and push forward no matter what happens in our government and no matter what people say or do to us. For me, my land is everything a land should be because of its colorful, happy, and hardworking people.