Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Beginning Of Change

Basically everything starts from a point which we all like to call the beginning
The beginning sometimes comically starts at the end
But whether we start at the beginning or end, reality is a fact that no one can bend

The truths about life are gleaming, but cannot be seen with idle eyes
Many ask how our nation can be rescued
But no one bothers about simple things like, making sure that their every word is true

Nigeria is blessed by God no doubt, human and natural resources abound
If only we could see how blessed we are and take charge, be in control
Then we would speak less and do more, to ensure that our dreams unfold

The greatest men in the world did not have super powers or use magic
Some of them were actually very far from being perfect
But they followed the simple rules, knowledge, understanding, love and respect.

We cannot know, understand, love and respect our countrymen if we don’t know, understand, love and respect who we are.
Without following these basic guidelines, our sense of direction will be charred

Without a sense of direction, how do we know where we are going as a nation?
Are we moving backward or forward, or are we just stagnant
Is the giant of Africa becoming a very microscopic plant?

Every one wants to head, but no one wants to be a leader
A head gets to do what’s best for him, but a leader has to do what’s best for everyone
A head rewards himself, but a leader is awarded even when he’s dead and gone

Nigeria has more heads than leaders, she needs leaders
People who will stick out their necks so she can develope
People who will show the world that she is not moving on a downward slope

What do we achieve as a country by being fraudulent and evasive?
Nothing positive, our country just keeps going down the drain
Nigeria was once strong, but it slowly is becoming frail.

Imagine if the hearts of our countrymen were genuine and true
Constantly working for the good of the entire nation
Then we could be rest assured that the world will converge at our station.