Friday, December 10, 2010


My friend Amaza wrote a wonderful note titled "WHAT IF?"
In it he spoke of the Nigeria he hopes for, and a Nigeria that isn't so stiff
I totally agree with him
Because with these kind of attitudes, our chances of growth are slim
If we can realise that we are first Nigerian before we are from any state
Then we would work hand in hand, and our development will no longer wait
We cannot continue to dwell on tribe and religion
When we have bigger problems like poverty and economic deppresion
This division was caused by the colonialists no doubt
But we cannot continue to live by their rules and laws that bring nothing but drought
We preach unity in diversity
But we rejoice so much in our differences, that we have no time to actualise this unity
Isn't it funny how when watching a football match, or project fame,or bigbrother, we are all proud Nigerians
Then minutes after the show we go back to our made up backgrounds
This brings me back to mark's "WHAT IF?
What if something explosive happened in Lagos
Will the Kano man sacrifice his time, energy, and money to that cause
What if a partial famine occured in Maiduguri (sorry mark)
Will the so called southerner donate his goats, yams, or even garri
What we do not understand is that with this kind of division, we cannot develope.We have no choice
Because when people are divided, they have no voice
We have mineral and human resources, talent, and are hard working people
There is no reason why we should lose a blessed country like this to reasons that so feeble
I belive in Nigeria with my whole heart
And like Amaza implied, only our unity will save our Nigeria from being torn apart